About Us


The history of Ripzone™ dates back to 1993 while four friends from Toronto, Canada where on a trip to Hermosa Beach, California. Over a few beverages in a dingy beach motel a conversation began about creating a line of jackets and pants for a growing new sport called snowboarding. The developing sport had begun to slowly grow in recognition in Canada and was on its way to explode. A few months passed designs were developed, concepts came to life and Ripzone went from being just an idea, to now an action sport outerwear brand. Since those early years of mandatory leash’s and long drives to the few hills that would let you ride a snowboard, Ripzone™ has grown to become an international brand. Ripzone™ gear has been worn by Canada’s finest athletes during the last two Winter Olympics, surfed the world’s most intense breaks and hit some of the world’s greatest skate locations. The Ripzone™ brand has evolved into an extensive line of snowboarding outerwear for any type of riding conditions. Our highly technical collections of surf gear, and authentic action sport lifestyle clothing developed with the help of our team riders, makes Ripzone™ the favorite choice for Action Sports enthusiasts After all this time, we’re proud of our beginnings and where we are today . Ripzone™ remains 100% Canadian owned and operated. And by the way, those four guys that started the brand, they’re still great friends and love to get together and reminisce about the days when they started Ripzone™